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Cooking your own tunes.

I have been recording/composing for nearly 20 years now. Time and time again, I ask myself, why. Why no matter how good my gear is, how diligently I record, how well I apply EQ, it never sounds the same once it's in the computer. Why does it never bring the same emotional impact, as when I experienced it in real life?


For a long time I have been attempting to understand the problem. The humanity seems to be missing from the arts. The subconscious impact of music is always flat compared to live analog sound. The situation might finally be clear:

To truly return the “magic” back to music, it MUST consist of 100% analog music creation and reproduction, who's tuning is in phase with the organic world. The most piratical way to achieve this, in modern digital society, is to simply make your own. The meaning of that, being, to actually pick up a physical analog instrument, tune it AWAY from the modern poisonous 440Hz even temperament and play it or record it with no digitization what so ever.

100% recording/distributing has been made very difficult but playing fortunately is easy from a material goods perspective. There are many affordable, easily re-tuned instruments, that are easy to play/learn. A "self music" solution is possible. The problem is, as seems with everything these days, PEOPLE's aversion to inconveniences would likely shun the idea into near non-existence. Now, one could say, the fast paced world has robbed people of the free time needed for self music but it would only be half true.

For example, it is common place to engage in phone based games and endless distractions that add little to the quality of one’s life. This corporate polished playground, existing only to rob consumers of time, wealth and intellectual growth. At the cost of many hundreds of hours a year, people fall into this void. This time wasted is more than enough to learn, tune, care for and play a simple instrument. However few people do so. Ironically, society has adopted an attitude that everyone's an artist. No matter how ill equipped mentally, intellectually or even physically. Yet it seems only a minority take up a real instrument for more than a passing fancy. Those that do, seem to be mostly of the new age movement, sporting little scientific education and an excess of free time.

Further, these who practice “self music” more often than not, fail to understand the importance of changing the dissonant even temperament system, to something more healthy. Even temperament acts like a binding chain. Slowly poisoning by contact. Few are willing to change it, because it would mean being the odd one out, unable to play along side the rest of the world. When group play is challenged, the concept of the individual is brought back, threatening sheep herd mentality. Even the so called enlightened, fall pray to these problems and make the decision to fold, instead of acting like the intellectual leaders/visionaries they are supposed to be. For all of their preaching, they don't dare take real action, to change the status quo.

More irony still is one doesn’t even need to be an artist to play healing melodies. If one has the required intelligence to use a phone app, one has the ability to learn, re-tune and play a simple instrument. Some instrument builders will even do the tuning half for you.

Self music has even further benefits. The boycotting of the corrupt music industry. An industry that is content to push sickly consumer influence on it’s listeners. Making slaves of the common human, while treating their artist like street whores. If you think they do not have a hand in your life, ask yourself this: How many times do you hear their products? Seek their products? Are forced to settle for THEIR products? The world is so saturated in their monopoly, it is almost unavoidable.

Many might say, self music is: Inconvenient. More work intensive. Not glamorous. Is it really? It is common place to post on social media for attention, what ever achievements one makes, no matter how asinine. Why not embark on an activity that would be worth showing off. Self healing through self made music. Like those who dare learn to cook simple meals to avoid common poisonous ingredients. Likewise people can make their own music. Who knows, maybe even someday, spread that music to others, without digitizing it’s nutritional value away.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Would you call a cucumber organic, if it was 100% artificially made by a machine? A fabrication constructed using information scanned from, what was once a real organic cucumber? Sure, the fake would look and maybe taste much like a cucumber but knowing how it was made, would reveal it’s true nature. An artificial one. If you have studied the physics of sound and the engineering of computers, you would likely understand the exact same is true for sound waves. A computer can not actually draw a true curve. Only a hard angled, stepped, approximation of one. Sounds waves can not physically exist in a computer. Only an approximated picture of them. A digital estimation, of which a machine later decodes and plays for you. The sound you hear from a digital system is real, once the machine on the end of the sound chain plays it for you. However this digitally made sound is not an organic one. It is not the original sound of what was recorded. If you took a very close look at the digitally reproduced sound compared to one purely from an organic source, the differences would become apparent.

Humans are organic, existing in an infinite universe of true curves and thus will never be in phase with artificial digital things.

Human consumption of most artificial things has been proven to negatively interfere with the body’s natural health. People easily admit all the artificial chemicals in mainstream foods are degrading people’s health but few seem to ever apply these concepts and observations to anything else. Computers can’t physically make 100% organic things because a computer’s knowledge is always a finite estimation of an infinite universe. The universe has an infinite resolution, so to speak. A computer’s ability to express and apply any information it has, will always be limited to it’s finite resolution. Computers will always be to a degree fundamentally incompatible with humans.

In food, the better the artificial product imitates the real thing, the harder it is to detect and often the longer it takes to cause damage. Damaging it still does however. Even more insidiously so, because it’s imitating is so good, most will argue it is as good as the real thing, and won't be proven wrong for many years. Plenty time to have forgotten all about it, wondering why they are getting sick. Once music has been digitized, it is no more than an artificial shadow of the original.

Much like the artificial twinkies in a walmart, consuming one every once in a while wouldn’t have any measurable impact on a person’s health but if they ate say, 2 a day, every day, they most indubitably develop cardiovascular disease in a matter of time. How many hours of digital music does the average person hear a day? Music is literally playing everywhere you go. Similar effects to artificial food can be seen in artificial music. People have been listening to nothing but digitized music for decades now. They are musically anemic. If one looks at the big picture, it is no wonder “mental unwellness” is at an all time high.


from Dead Mao, released October 9, 2018


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