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The Space Cat Show

by Midnight's Ocean

The space cats are back at it again. Sharing city sunshine with my best friend. Who got a cartoon walk crazy as this. We high on life, so lets begin. Yippy-kyo here we go again. Sharing city sunshine with my best friend. Who got a cartoon walk crazy as this. Too lame to rhyme. Too dumb to quit. So if you see cats posting this. Smash the like button. What ever that is. And we'll bury the needle on the reel to reel. Make the sound fat. Dude the puck is that? Daymn.
1980 02:52
Cosmic Ocean 03:28
Mercury 05:18
I was adventuring when someone went and told me "may your path lead you to warm sands", oh yeah, oh yeahah I hit the beach and that is where I then saw Jesus, just chilling to avoid his fans, oh yeah, oh yeahah I said I'm hungry and I asked if he had money, he just smiled and then played a handpan, oh yeah, oh yeahah This dude played such amazing sound, I let the sun and the waves wash over me. Yeah I'm happy, yeah I'm happy now, I'm surfing the energy you're sending me. I'm not hungry, yeah I'm happy now, I'm not under the thumb of anyone, ohah yeahah. No more creatures eating at me. People ask what drugs are in me. I left those things now that I'm free. I'm not high, I was just born this way.
12 Stars 03:59
Near Orbit 03:11
Space Weeds 03:39
I'm a cartoon. Keep on flying. My kind of crazy is to keep on trying. I'm a cartoon. Never dying. Best kind of crazy is to keep on smiling. Welcome a world, hidden from sight. People with their eye closed, flying blind. Trying to hear through the noise to see the signs. One more EP from me. Religious devils, wearing suits and tings, praying to their bull god, that no body sings, what the game be or who pulling the strings. One more EP from me. The context of this, might be hazy. Maybe why they say "Nygeer you crazy" A figment of your mind. Yall don’t get it. Where’s the rule book at? Bitch please! I never read it. Old school as 1G, my rap be white and grungy. Hidden like a pokemon, pika#@$! can't catch me.


released April 21, 2020


all rights reserved



Midnight's Ocean New Jersey

An ocean of creativity by the artist referred to as “Midnight”. Composer/producer since the year 2000. Featuring a wide variety of original non-apologetic musical pioneering. Made from the mind. Art as an extension of the human spirit, not corporate digital technology & fashion. Herein is sonic material for the adventurous & discerning multimedia project creator, as well as open-minded listeners. ... more

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