Path To Novum Dimensiva

by Midnight's Ocean

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GENRE: Ambient / Atmospheric / Medicinal

A flux in time gives way to a mysterious new dimension of ambient atmospheric and melodic energy.

The first released album of the Midnight’s Ocean project. All musical works herein were produced entirely in 'true' non-dissonant temperaments at 432Hz tuning, using analog techniques where ever financially possible.

This album is a journey. It begins at the foot of an immense mountain. The mountain.

Mountain Outside Of Time: No one has been known to find it. Because no one returns to the corrupt world to tell of it. At the top is it. The path of flux. Headed towards new dimensions, anyone who travels this is.

Flux: Flux can be uncomfortable. Realizing one had been taught a world from the wrong end of the looking glass. From here, moving towards the ancient sea.

Star Of The Sea: Humble and incorruptible. She can intercede along the journey, bringing one to the source of true wisdom.

Blue Ocean: Full of joyful life. Playful dolphins. Mammoth docile creatures. Bright green plants and sparkling tiny fish dance in the waves. Beneath it all, lay answers to dark questions.

Aqua Ruins: They posses answers but they are not ones bond by expectations. The dark passed is difficult to come to terms with. Now at the bottom of the ocean. Another portal opens only to those who have no fear of truth. Through it.

World Without End: No longer in the depths. A dimly lit sanctuary. Wisdom and peace inhabit this place. Truth learned, can not be unlearned. A truth once known, forever changes a person. Forward we continue. Another doorway. Into the starlit sea of outer space.

Voyager: What amazing sites to be seen. Passed high civilizations. Planets. Amazing artefacts adrift in deep space. How wonderful the infinite universe truly is. Landing on an a distant planet. A mysterious traveller speaks of it's journey.

Mysterious Traveller: What a strange creation. A lonely explorer, eager to tell all it's seen. It's strange language liken to the sounds of water droplets, wind and curious pulsating tones. Even if it's words are not understood, it is happy to have finally shared it's story with someone. Afterwards, onwards towards another ocean. A warm beach.

Tides Of Paradise: Warm shimmering sands, nourishing rays of sunlight, and sweet alien melodies. Passionate flowering plants and benign sea creatures. Finally now. The truth is settling in. Looking up at the beautiful sky. The heart.

Heart Intro: The ever living energy of the human heart. The inextinguishable soul. Eager to explore this new world. Catch a ride before the rain?

Wet Donkey Ride: The simple enjoyable things, no longer forced forgotten by disease. The calm before the storm. How fantastic indeed. A world where storms pose no threat. Bring no fear.

Prelude To Deluged: Watching the sky roll in it's elements of wind and water. Sky. The ultimate deep visual reverb. But what is this? Something comes as a light. It stand brandishing it's superbly attractive form. It's offers are alluring, suspicious, tempting.

False Light Temptation: What is it? It claims to offer more than has been found on this journey thus far. If you would just abandon that silly truth you carry and go back. It could give you power. Do you not have regrets back there you wish to rectify? It's a matter of choice. The choice to go back or the choice to move forward. Only those who tell the false light be gone, move forward from here. Forward, to a city, unlike any seen in the fallen world long left behind.

Remedium City: What only dreamers can imagine. A holy city. Full of healing. Real power is in the ability to create good things. Everlasting things. Good is the everlasting thing. Into the city, amazing buildings of marble, warm wood and copper. The soft sound of bells fills these places.

Peace Bells: an open air room, a green house of sorts. overlooking a great blue sky. Beautiful potted plants sitting on the and soft singing bells hanging from the ceiling. Along side the city, a field of medicinal plants bearing tiny orange followers. A great place for peaceful contemplation.

Jewelweed: A good place to sit and ponder the epic journey. What a battle it is to be human. What a difficult path to retain one's humanity. Indeed a worthwhile one however.

The end, for now. Thank you for listening.

This little description is but an artist's imagining. What worlds come to your mind when listening? What journeys are held within?

This album was created with the intent of music as a healing tool and fuel for the imagination. I hope you have found it to be of great value.

Some of the instruments & tools used to make this album include Eurorack modules by, Mutable Instruments, intellijel, L-1, Blue Lantern, Make Noise, Doepfer, Instruo, 4ms, Pittsburgh, Dave Jones Design & Roland. Electronic instruments including the Roland Fantom X digital synth series, Korg monologue, Volca Kick analog synthesizers & Logic Pro synth & sampler plug-in tools. Acoustic instruments by Remo, LP, Timber Drum CO, Meinl, Idiopan, Hugh Tracey & Mother Nature. Effects pedals by. Strymon, Pigtronix, Chase Bliss Audio, Hungry Robot, Lotus, Earthquaker Devices, Vox, Buggfx, Fredric Effects, Subdecay, & jdm. Production & recording tools by BBE, sE Microphones, Cloud Microphones, Rode, Sennheiser, Strymon, Focal, Joemeek, Mackie, Sweet Water Sound, Decware, Pioneer (vintage analog), Peavey (vintage analog), Schiit Audio, Focusrite, Yamaha, Logic Pro & Mogami.

Plus many more that plaid some part in this production.

Produced in Logic Pro.

Some of this artist's very early musical influences were: Prokofiev, YES, Vivaldi, Frank Zappa, Beethoven & Herbie Hancock.


released July 1, 2015

Music & Concepts: Written, recorded, performed & produced by Midnight's Ocean. The 16 tracks herein contain all original recordings. No 3rd party samples were used.

Additional Support: STRIKER & 'A'.
Artwork drawn by Azure Paragon.
Artwork concepts by Midnight's Ocean.
Photography by Midnight's Ocean.

Special Thanks: Grandma, Bruce, Jay, Rosemary, Pavel, Joe at Sweet Water, Steve Of Decware, Jason of Instruo Modules, Olivier of Mutable Instruments, Flavio of Blue Lantern modules, Mark of Kalimba Magic, Eric of Hungry Robot Pedals, Joel of Chase Bliss Audio, The people at Damage Control Engineering (Strymon), Control Voltage & Perfect Circuit Audio, The Unisonic Ascension Project, Tatsuya Takahashi formerly of Korg, David G of Rockstar Recording Studios & the many many more (too many to list) who helped Midnight's Ocean find all the things needed to build this project. THANK YOU ALL! :)

Quotes: “Listened to it again last night. It's really good. My thoughts were, if you can do that on a shoestring budget, imagine what you could do with a full studio. :) “ Steve Deckert,

Engineering Missions: To challenge the current intellectual model by creating an album entirely in alternative tuning/temperament. To show, not for the sake of arrogance but for the sake of artistic necessity, that human creativity doesn't have to be intimidated by the "big shiny expensive" world of the mainstream music industry. To show that vision/scope, ingenuity and heart, has the potential to out perform a big budget, any day that said principles are believed in. To show that simplicity does not automatically equal inferiority.

Mixing Notes: air exciter 7.5K 50% harmonics, 6 band multi-compressor with 12db max reduction per band, soft knee limiter +3db max clip.

All Content Copyright Midnight's Ocean 2015 - 2017 All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Midnight's Ocean New Jersey

The artist known as “Midnight”. Engineer from a long line of artists. This is the ocean of my creativity. A resource for listeners & multimedia project creators. A wide variety of sonic material, which will hopefully be of great usefulness. Albums are roughly newest to oldest reading down left to right. I am always updating productions as I have time. Please purchase to support the art. Peace ... more

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