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Contemplation In Reflection

by Midnight's Ocean

Voyager 09:12
Ocean Palace 03:02
Navigator 04:49
Air 10:51


Reinvigorating music from the analog realm.

We watch what we eat with health in mind but neglect to watch what what we listen to. This album is a humble attempt to make organic better and electronic more organic. Music that leaves you more at peace, or gives release from emotional energetic blockages.

Often music that is catchy, gets stuck in your head. like food that tastes sweet but sticks to your gut. Eat healthy, Listen healthy. If you come away from music restless, maybe your diet would benefit from a change.

The tuning of this music aims to create calm/order in the subconscious, instead of chaos. Sound in tune with organic physics. Returning humanity back to music.

I have been recording/composing since 2000. Over the years I found myself asking why no matter how well I produce, the music never sounds the same once it's in the computer. Never brings the same emotional impact, as when I experienced it in real life.

I have been attempting to understand the problem. The humanity seems to be missing from the arts. The subconscious impact of music is always flat compared to live analog sound.

To truly return the “magic” back to music, it MUST have a 100% analog signal path. What's more, the tuning and most importantly temperament, must be in phase with the organic world. The most practical way to achieve this in a digital world, is to bypass computers altogether. Actually pick up a physical analog instrument, tune it to a NON-dissonant tuning/temperament, and record it with no digitization what so ever. Why not use 440Hz even temperament? Because it's not in phase with the mathematical structure of the natural world: www.decware.com/newsite/DECWARESOUND.pdf

All analog recording/distributing has been made incredibly difficult but playing, fortunately, is easy. There are many affordable, tunable instruments, that are easy to play/learn. Therefor a "self music" solution is possible. Problem is, people these days have an aversion to inconveniences to the point of shunning any such idea into near non-existence.

Not enough time for self music? It is common place to waste countless hours on phone based games/distractions. A sterile vapid corporate playground of polished empty packaging. Existing only to rob consumers of time, wealth and intellectual growth. People willingly fall into this void. This time wasted is more than enough to learn, tune, care for and play a simple instrument but few do so.

Ironically, society has adopted an attitude that everyone's an artist. No matter how ill equipped mentally, intellectually or even physically. Yet people pass up a great opportunity to become one in the form of self music. Only a minority take it up. Many who do seem to have little scientific education on the matters of sound.

These who DO practice “self music” often fail to understand the importance of tuning/temperament. Even temperament instills a poisonous subconscious chaos. Few are willing to change it, because it would mean being the odd one out. Unable to play along side the rest of the world. Group play would be challenged, and the concept of the individual would be brought back. this would threaten sheep herd mentality. Even the so called enlightened, fail to break free. For all their preaching, intellectual leaders/visionaries don't dare take real action to change the status quo.

More irony is, one doesn’t even need to be an artist to play healing melodies. If one has the intelligence to use a phone app, one can self music.

Self music has far reaching benefits. The boycotting of a corrupt music industry. An industry content to push sickly consumer influence on it’s listeners. Making slaves of the common human, while treating their artists like street whores. If you think they do not have a hand in your life, ask yourself this: How many times do you hear their products? Seek their products? Are forced to settle for THEIR products instead of a true alternative? The world is so saturated in their monopoly. It is almost unavoidable.

Self music: Inconvenient, work intensive, not glamorous, some might say. Is it really? It is not common place to post on social media for attention, what ever achievements one makes, no matter how asinine? Why not embark on an activity that would be worth showing off? Self healing through self made music. Like those who dare learn to cook simple meals, to avoid common poisonous ingredients. Music without digitizing it’s nutritional value away.

Digitizing it away?

Would you call a cucumber organic, if it was 100% artificially made by a machine? A fabrication constructed using information scanned from, what was once a real organic cucumber? Sure, the fake might look and taste like a cucumber but it’s true nature is artificial. If you have studied the physics of sound and the engineering of computers, you would likely understand the exact same is true for sound waves.

Most sound waves contain true curves. Curves with an infinite resolution. A computer can not draw true curves. Only a hard angled, stepped, approximations of them. Sounds waves can not physically exist in a computer. Only an approximated picture of them. A digital estimation, of which a machine later decodes and plays for you. The sound you hear from a digital system is only physical, once the machine on the end of the sound chain plays it for you. This digitally created sound is not organic. It is not the original sound of what was recorded. If you took a very close look at the digitally reproduced sound, you would see the stepped, artificial nature of the waves. Compared to waves purely from an organic source, the differences is very apparent.

Humans are organic, existing in an infinite universe of true curves and thus will never be in phase with artificial digital things.

Human consumption of most artificial things has been proven to negatively impact health. People admit the artificial chemicals in mainstream foods are degrading people’s health but few seem to apply the concept/observations to anything else. Computers only ever have a finite resolution. A poor estimation of an infinite universe. The universe has an infinite resolution. The concepts computers run on, will always be fundamentally incompatible with human biology.

In food, the better the artificial product imitates the real thing, the harder it is to detect. This doesn't stop it from damaging people. Insidiously it can be close enough to the real thing that most will argue it's good enough. Years will pass before degradation of the human body becomes apparent. By then people forget what it was that was poisonous in the first place.

Once music has been digitized, it is no more than an artificial shadow of the original.

Around the time this album/article was released, people had been listening strictly to digital music for 2 to 3 decades straight. An entire generation consuming nothing but artificial sound waves.

Liken to srtificial food, twinkies, for example. Consuming small amounts, has little health impact. However, if say one ate an entire pack of twinkies a day, for 30 years, they would get cardiovascular disease. Similar effects happen with artificial music. How many hours of digital music does the average person hear a day? Digital music is literally playing everywhere you go. It's been like this for decades now. People are musically anemic. If one looks at the big picture, it is no wonder “mental unwellness” is at an all time high.

In closing I will address an obvious question: "If digitizing is bad, what's the point of releasing a digital album?" It doesn't change the fact that the music herein is NOT tuned to 440Hz, does not use even temperament and is created using as many analog methods as possible. The point of this album isn't to be the solution in and of it's self but instead to raise awareness of a problem. To increase the amount of music on line that is created with analog techniques, in non-dissonant tuning/temperaments. To inspire people to seek out and create more healthily tuned/tempered music. To prove, alternative non-dissonant tuning/temperaments, such as factor 9 based on 432Hz (used on this entire album), not only works on a technical level but can sound just as "palatable" as the standard tuning everyone is used to. In short, it's not perfect but it has to start somewhere and your healthy food doesn't have to taste like cardboard.


released August 18, 2019

Midnight's Ocean


all rights reserved



Midnight's Ocean New Jersey

An ocean of creativity by the artist referred to as “Midnight”. Composer/producer since the year 2000. Featuring a wide variety of original non-apologetic musical pioneering. Made from the mind. Art as an extension of the human spirit, not corporate digital technology & fashion. Herein is sonic material for the adventurous & discerning multimedia project creator, as well as open-minded listeners. ... more

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