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by Midnight's Ocean

Amtrak 02:26
SunTails 02:24
Future Tech 03:39
In Your Eyes 04:58
The OutBack 04:58


Retro world beat & atmospheric music in alternative tuning.

This album is dedicated to mum, her old 1980s poly synth and the Amtrak trains. Ages ago when I was knee high to her, she pioneered a genre of music that was a combination of live afro/ethnic percussion and analog synthesizers. Added to that was often a dash of western melodic structure, vocals and funk/”boogie” bass. The poly rhythms of electronic arpeggiators melding with live percussion, truly created something special. She called it “world beat” at the time and was like nothing I had ever heard. Though she might not have been the first, I’ve seldomly heard anything close to it. This music made an impression that has not left me to this day.

“World beat”, an actual genre, dose not adequately represent what she had created, nor what I have created in this album. Thus I have dubbed what this album contains as the genre “Amtrak”. Named after the analog poly rhythms I heard on the old trains as they glided and galloped down the east coast tracks of the USA. This was back in the day when trains were the preferred way musicians traveled.

Though the world has gotten a lot harder and hostile since back then, it is a happy artistic life goal that I have finally succeeded creating in this genre. I hadn’t realized till recently, it was something I was chasing all these years artistically. It is most things this world isn’t at the moment. Warm, happy, insightful and inspiring. Modern music instruments playing harmoniously with ancient ones. This album is of course my own flavor and incorporates elements that weren't found in mum's old music. These most notably being ambient, orchestral and retro video game elements. Regardless, I hope to continue this amazing genre inspired from my childhood, for years to come.


released October 9, 2018

Music, production & photography: Midnight's Ocean.


all rights reserved



Midnight's Ocean New Jersey

An ocean of creativity by the artist referred to as “Midnight”. Composer/producer since the year 2000. Featuring a wide variety of original non-apologetic musical pioneering. Made from the mind. Art as an extension of the human spirit, not corporate digital technology & fashion. Herein is sonic material for the adventurous & discerning multimedia project creator, as well as open-minded listeners. ... more

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